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Under the ASCOPE organization structure, there are four (4) Task Forces: 

  1. Exploration and Production (E&P)
  2. Gas Advocacy (GA)
  3. Clean Energy (CE) 
  4. Policy Research and Capability Building (PRCB)

Key Roles and/or Functions of Task Forces:  

  • Pursue the strategies and objectives of ASCOPE towards realizing the new ASCOPE vision in each respective area of business development, technology and service,
  • Plan, identify, evaluate and recommend to the Council members areas of cooperation and new business opportunities/projects for Member Countries' consideration
  • Seek the Council members's approval on specific areas of cooperation among Member Countries or business joint venture projects to be pursued, particularly those that would require funding,
  • Report and update the Council members on the progress of initiatives pursued by the working committees,
  • Seek the Council members's decision on Member Countries equity participation in the recommended business project, which could be undertaken either on a multilateral or bilateral arrangement, and
  • Set up task forces/business joint teams comprising representatives of Member Countries participating in each of the business joint venture, as and when required.