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Pertamina is the national oil company of Indonesia within 53 years of experience of integrated oil & gas industry. At the moment, we are in the progress to achieve our vision; becoming the leading oil company in the world which equal with the International Oil Company. With the purpose of achieving our vision, we have established 7 business strategies as follows:

  • Focused on core businesses in oil, gas, and biofuel production and sales
  • Commercially-oriented in all decision making
  • Managed to the highest standards in line with principles followed by leading public companies
  • Employer of choice, engaged in best practices in human resources development
  • Creator of healthy business environment engaging with professional, trusted business partners with integrity
  • Investing in growth generated from within and through working with trusted business partners
  • Driven by technology, research and development goals, shared with universities and technical institutions as we strive for excellence

In the upstream business activities, Pertamina covers exploration, production and transmission of oil and gas. Other activities cover geothermal, coal bed methane, other energy alternative development, and drilling service business in Indonesia. In line with the oil and gas regulation No 22/2001, we have established 6 subsidiaries for conducting operational activities, among others are:

- Pertamina EP

The company mainly focuses on exploration and production activities in our owned working areas which divided into three regions; Sumatra, Java and Eastern Indonesia

- Pertamina Hulu Energi

The company is an upstream business vehicle for managing the domestic and overseas cooperation portfolio in the form of Joint Operating Body, Badan Operasi Bersama, Indonesia Participation and Pertamina Participating Interest. At the same time, the company also manages our coal bed methane business development in Indonesia

- Pertamina Geothermal Energy

The company's activity carries out geothermal exploration and exploitation in geothermal working areas including its owned operation and joint operating contract.

- Pertamina EP Cepu

The company is established to conduct the exploration and exploitation activities in the Cepu block only.

- Pertamina Gas

The company undertakes gas transportation, trading and processing

- Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia

This subsidiary principally focuses as drilling service management including drilling, work over activities, and drilling services for oil, gas and geothermal wells.

Pertamina has developed technology center named Exploration and Production Technology Center (EPTC) aligned with our concern in increasing independence and strengthening the values of excellence as well as providing technology solutions in order to accelerate the business development of all upstream subsidiaries.

In the downstream business, we, currently, operate 5 refineries plant scattered in Dumai, Plaju, Balongan, Cilacap, Balikpapan. At the same time, we have many products on the downstream business comprising fuel, kerosene, diesel, lubes, aviation, LPG, LNG, marine fuel, vessel, human resources, catering, health services, insurances, asphalt, paraxylene, propylene, polypropylene, green coke, PTA , and others. Some of them are managed by our subsidiaries, among others are PT Patra Niaga, PETRAL, PT Tugu Pratama, PT Pelita Air Service, PT Pertamina Tongkang, PT Pertamina Bina Medika, PT Patra Jasa, PT Pertamina Retail, PT Pertamina Training & Consulting, PT Pertamina Usayana, PT Patra Dok Dumai

Pertamina has been focusing on cover up the domestic demand for energy by managing integrated operations in the oil & gas and geothermal energy sector for more than half a century and has constantly strived to improve its operational and financial performance in order to contribute maximally to the Indonesia economy

Today's challenges and threats in Oil and Gas Business are not simple anymore. We have been Transformed and always in transforming process in dealing with upcoming business challenges. We will always be reliable, safe, and capable to achieve our vision as World-Class National Oil Company in 2023



Being a world class national oil company


Integrated conducting the core business of oil, gas, bio fuel, based on sound commercial principles


Ibu. Nicke Widyawati

Ibu. Nicke Widyawati

Position: President Director


Mr. Joko Susilo

Mr. Joko Susilo

Title in ASCOPE: Representative, Exploration & Production BDC

Mr. Noor Cahyo Wibowo

Mr. Noor Cahyo Wibowo

Organization: PT Pertamina (Persero)
Position:  Senior Specialist Geophysics
Title in ASCOPE: Representative, Exploration & Production Task Force


Mr. Taryono

Mr. Taryono

Title in ASCOPE: Representative, Trading & Marketing BDC

Mr. Zainul Makoenimau

Mr. Zainul Makoenimau

Position: Senior Project Manager
Title in ASCOPE: Representative, Technology & Services Committee

Title in ASCOPE: Representative, Trans ASEAN Gas Pipeline Project Task Force

Ms. Ria Noveria

Ms. Ria Noveria

Title in ASCOPE: Chairperson, ASCOPE Gas Consultative Council (AGCC)

Rina Kartika Sari

Rina Kartika Sari

Title in ASCOPE: Assistant, ASCOPE Gas Consultative Council (AGCC)

Mr. Joko Susilo

Mr. Joko Susilo

Title in ASCOPE: Representative, Health, Safety, Security& Environment (HSSE)


Dr. Thomas Suhartanto

Dr. Thomas Suhartanto

Title in ASCOPE: ASCOPE Country Coordinator
Organization:  PT Pertamina (Persero)
Position: Principal II Oil & Gas Research – RTC/PIMR
Primary email tsuhartanto@pertamina.com
Secondary email: tsuhartanto@gmail.com
Contact Number: +622129635100 ext. 7607
Mobile Number:


PERTAMINA Head Office,

Main Building 13th Fl. Jl. Madan Merdeka Timur 1A,

Jakarta 10110, INDONESIA

Company website: www.pertamina.com